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The Labyrinth Path

A garden is never really finished. Presently, many areas of the garden have yet to fulfill their intention. This does not deter us from starting new projects. Once a vision gets into the head the only way to get it out is to start. This project may best exemplify the initiation, development, execution, and fulfillment of a vision. We begin the project in a space that was waiting to become a place. Then all I need is the right design, the right materials and a whole lot of time.

In April of 2009 I started preparing the site. Throughout the summer the circle pad was created and the grade was leveled. It seemed to gradually enlarge as all projects do. The 28ft -29ft circle will require a 30ft enclosure, with a retaining wall on the low side. The plan- is to use stackable Roman wall block. This will create a 2ft high wall, enclosing 3/4 of the circle, with openings on opposite ends. We wouldn't want anyone to feel trapped in the Labyrinth! Within a garden of size, areas are given names. If for no other reason than to communicate the where, when discussing the garden. For several years this area has been known as the Celtic garden. I was never sure what that would eventually look like, but I envisioned a circular area created with stone. A place to gather or be alone! When Miriam suggested that we needed a Labyrinth path, the vision became clearer.

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