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Every summer (with the exception of two) beginning in 2003 we set a date to open our gate and invite you into the garden.  Normally we invite a few of our favorite nursery friends, along with their plants to join us, but we have scaled it back this year!  It will just be us the garden and you. The nursery is a grow operation and not set up for retail sales. Some plant material will be for sale, but no purchase is required. 

A little over 20 years ago we took claim to this 5-acre piece of forest. There are few places that I have not stepped, kneeled or bent down and pulled weed or two. With a little vision, and that has changed over the years, and hours upon hours of labor, we have recovered and exposed some of its true nature.


            Garden tour description:


Our home and garden are situated within 5 acres of woodland on the Key Peninsula. Over a half-mile of paths and trails have been carved out to intersect and connect different areas of the forest garden. The gardens closest to the house are the most ornamentally planted. The variation of terrain brought about the need for several areas of dry stacked stone and walls. As you venture out you will find areas reclaimed from berry brambles that are awaiting further inspiration. For the most part this garden is being created and maintained by an army of one. That would be me! Persistence is the key word in this garden. Features incorporated within the forest garden include a dry river bed, a retreat garden, shaded paths and pocket vistas.  A Celtic Spiral inspired labyrinth path. Created as a place for contemplation as well as congregation. This garden hits its stride in the July as the sun displays its many facets and make it sparkles like a green diamond.

Come and explore. You can only get lost if you want to!

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