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When we first found our property the lay of the land gave the impression of a gentle sloping terrain. Certainly not flat, but not so steep that everywhere was up or down hill. The excavation prep for the house exposed the hidden features of the topography. This created an area below the front drive that seemed ideal for an Alpine water feature, and that was the original vision. I started to collect and amass field stones and small bolder size rocks for a future project. It became affectionately known as 'The Pit'. Partly because of its shape and partly because it was the one place in the garden that my grandsons were allowed to do whatever that wanted, without fear! They lined the hollow at the bottom with rocks and filled it with water. It was kind of a water feature although a bit muddy. Overall, it just looked like a pit! It has been a few years since the boys have spent any quality time in The Pit, so we decided that after 20 years it was time to do something with it. The original vision of a water feature had faded too unrealistic and even unfashionable. We agreed that this area and its sun exposure could be terraced as a site for garden beds. With a shovel and rake I started to dig and rearrange the soil to create 3 elevations. I had thought to use the rocks that had piled up over the years for this project. It was a good pile, but not enough and I would probably need more. My cheap supply of oversized field stone, although still available, was not so cheap anymore. I found an excellent deal on a quantity of Roman Stack wall block and the project moved forward! The lowest area still holds potential for a pond since it naturally collects water when it rains. But it would still need to lined, plumbed, powered and regularly cleaned. I was uninspired to commit to any of that. I would simply line the bottom with the rocks that I had collected. As all rock projects go, I needed more! The ‘Tall Boy’ iron art became the center piece of the pit. Like many other projects it’s not done yet, but the vision is clearer and finish is in sight.

Boy in the pit.jpg
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